International Master in 2D/3D Animation

Specialize in 2D/3D Animation with the best professionals!

A training that will allow you to become a professional in 2D/3D Animation with the best professionals in the sector.


October to June


In-campus training or online




1 year


International Master




The animation industry has emerged stronger after the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. According to the Resilience in Animation Report, promoted by the Quirino Awards, during last year the Ibero-American Animation industry has maintained its production rate at 100%.

Nowadays, Animation is one of the industries with more projection within the audiovisual sector. The production of this type of content increases daily and its consumers expect more and more qualitative productions and better experiences. Would you like to dedicate yourself to what you have always wanted? The Animation sector has a great international recognition, which makes it a professional bet with a great future.

Methodology and educational objectives

By actively listening to the needs and novelties of a sector in constant evolution, we apply a dynamic methodology based on professional practice.

We prioritize the real applicability of the acquired learning and reproduce the working environment of an animation studio.


Academic excellence

Specialized integral training that puts technique at the service of art.


Professional success

Quality education that seeks the student ​professionalization to successfully take on any work project.


Connection with the industry

Specialized teaching validated annually by recognized international studies that collaborate in the updating of the school’s pedagogical project and the recruitment of our students.


Real applicability of the training

Based on projects that reproduce a real studio environment and encourage teamwork, leadership skills and creativity.

Program – International Master in 2D/3D Animation



  • 2D Animation (13 ECTS): Acquisition of advanced mastery of the Toon Boom Harmony software and the realization of complex animations in two dimensions.
  • 3D Animation (13 ECTS): Acquisition of advanced mastery of the Autodesk Maya software and the realization of complex three-dimensional animations.
  • Drawing and study of movement (5 ECTS)
  • Matte Painting (2 ECTS)
  • Storyboard (5 ECTS)
  • Animation Culture (5 ECTS)
  • Video Post-production (3 ECTS): Learning to use Adobe After Effects software to create effects and animations on audiovisual material in a professional way.
  • Soundtrack and sound design (1 ECTS)
  • Languages: French or Spanish / English 3×2 (6 ECTS)
  • In-company internship (4 ECTS)


  • Background design (1 ECTS)
  • Watercolor (1 ECTS)
  • Video Games Level 1 Unity (1 ECTS)


Career Opportunities / Employability

2D Animator

Realization of 2D Animation projects in different contexts and for different audiences.

3D Animator

Creation of moving images using objects, characters or beings in a three-dimensional space for film, television, advertising, videogames, etc.

Storyboard artist

Creation of the storyboard and design of the visual narrative of a story.

Character designer

Creation of characters for audiovisual projects in 2 and 3 dimensions.

Background artist

Design of environments and universes for audiovisual projects in 2 and 3 dimensions.

Layout artist

Design of shot framing, camera paths and angles, depth, perspective, scale and lighting of an animated sequence.

Student Projects



Who is this program for?

People who want to change their career path

Are you thinking of changing to a different sector? This International Master is designed to develop the skills necessary to work as a 2D/3D Animator at an international level.

People who want to boost their career

Take this program to complement your knowledge and opt for more technical positions.

Recent graduates

Have you just graduated from university? This International Master will equip you with the fundamental skills to start your career in 2D/3D Animation.

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    Global cost

    The cost of the International Master in Animation 2D/3D is 9,900€ per course.

    Scholarships and study grants

    In order to facilitate access to the educational offerings of the L’Idem campuses, the school pays special attention to promoting talent through various types of study grants.

    Assistance throughout the entire training at L’Idem Barcelona. It is essential to present the official accrediting document.

    International Students
    Given to international candidates with high school or equivalent studies, or previous university studies to help with accommodation and travel expenses during the first year of studies.

    Academic Excellence
    For high school students with a grade point average of 9 or higher who are entering the school for the first time.

    Single Parent Family
    Assistance throughout the entire course of studies at L’Idem Barcelona. It is essential to present the official document accrediting this.

    Large Family
    Assistance throughout the entire course at L’Idem Barcelona. It is essential to present the official accrediting document.

    Aid aimed at facilitating national stududents mobility whose residence is located more than 200 km from L’Idem Barcelona and need help to move during the first year of studies.

    The scholarships and grants awarded are made effective through a discount on the total cost of the course.
    For more information you can contact our Admissions Department.