Miquel Aloy Callejas

Programs: AnimationGame Art
Subject: Character Design

Graduated in Graphic Art at Escola Joso. 2D artist and digital illustrator. Passionate about comics, illustration and video games.

He has combined teaching with work as a freelance character designer, illustrator, inker and colorist for clients such as Editions Dupuis, Planeta De Agostini, Estudio Fénix, Danone or Norma Ediciones.

He enjoys creating fun characters, designing imaginary worlds, sharing his knowledge and learning from others.

Featured projects

  • 2019: Colorist in the comic “La Masia, l’école des rêves”, Editions Dupuis.
  • 2002: Colorist, draftsman and inker in the comics “Playmobil professions” by Editorial Planeta Geobra, Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG and Estudio Fenix.

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