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Xavier Berraondo

Program: Animation
Subject: Script

Film and television series director and scriptwriter. Graduate in Information Sciences from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, specialising in Journalism.
As a director of feature films and fiction series, he has worked on successful titles such as ‘Infidels’, ‘Ventdelplà’ or ‘Nissaga de poder’ for TV3, ‘Sin tetas no hay paraíso’ for Telecinco and ‘Bandolera’ for Antena3.
As a scriptwriter, in television series and fiction feature films such as “La señora” for RTVE; and non-fiction audiovisual products such as the documentary “Gari Gorria, isiltasunaren ahotsa”, the comedy news programme “8 de Notícies” and the sports news programme “Gol a Gol”. He has also directed plays such as “Feyts de Vilamagore” (2009), “Ell… de somnis i Conflictes” (2004) and “Shakespeare, la mujer silenciada” (1996), among others.

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