Estudiantes de 4º de las especializaciones de Animación 3D, 3D Generalista y Arte.


Autodesk Maya, zBrush, Substance Painter, motor de render Arnold, Photoshop


Slupt, retopology, UVs, texturing/shading, rigging, lighting, postproduction

About the project

The final project of the students of the 3D Animation specialty of the 2020-2021 academic year is entitled Noah. It is a traditional 3D animation short film that tells the adventure of Erika and Noah, two brothers of 13 and 8 years old respectively, when they enter a forest. The story takes place between two worlds: the magical one typical of childhood and the real one, with its set of dangers.

The short has been supervised by our teachers Carles Prenafeta (3D Animation), Esteve Garriga (3D Generalist), Eduardo Morales (3D Modeling), Miquel Aloy (Concept Art), Antonio de Santamaría (Storyboard) and Alejandro Lopez (VFX) ).

In addition, the project has an original soundtrack created by the students of the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya – ESMUC and with voices by students of the Escola Catalana de Doblatge.

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