Enrollment process

At L’Idem we train future professionals in 2D/3D Animation, Video Games and Digital Design:

  • Trained to provide creative and innovative solutions to market demands.
  • Recognized for their technical and artistic skills, as well as for their high level of demand.

To achieve this we have programs that include higher education, masters and summer courses.

We have limited places available and we carry out a student selection process in which we take into account the academic record, aptitudes and motivation of the candidates who want to study at the school.

Do you want to study with us? We explain how to enroll in our school in four steps:

Reservation through the web

Pre-registration is done by filling out this on-line form. After receiving it, we will contact you for an orientation session.

Submitting documentation

Completed registration dossier together with identity document (DNI/NIE, passport), certification of completed studies and evaluation grades, motivation letter and creative portfolio.

Evaluation and personal interview

Review of the documentation provided, personal interview (in person or online) and admission notification.

Finalization of enrolment process

Completion of the matriculation documents, you will be officially a student of L’Idem Barcelona!

Are you an international student?

L’Idem Barcelona is a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment that every year welcomes a large number of students from all over the world. Our Admissions Department advises and accompanies all international students who, year by year, begin their training at the school.
After notification of admission to the school, these are the steps you should take into account to prepare for your studies at L’Idem and your stay in Barcelona:

Want to switch from your current university to L’Idem?

If you have started your higher education studies in another center and you want to continue your education at L’Idem, we advise you and accompany you during the transfer of your academic record:

  • Review of your academic record
  • Validation of subjects that can be validated

People who have completed partial university studies in Spain or abroad can apply for the validation of higher education. Validation is the recognition of the validity of higher education studies carried out in another educational center for academic purposes.


L’Idem’s higher education programs are accredited with an official French and European double degree. This official double degree validates the European academic recognition of the years of study. Therefore, any student can consider continuing his or her studies in Europe.

The International Master of L’Idem is recognized with a high performance degree, which validates a specific advanced training provided by experts in the field with a clear orientation towards professional application.

Higher degrees certification

French qualification: Certification Level 6 of the European Qualifications Framework, equivalent to any Spanish university degree, issued by the Repertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) of France Compétences. This qualification is directly linked to the needs of companies.

European Qualification: International Bachelor Certification awarded in partnership with a European organization that allows to obtain 60 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) per year of studies.

International Master certification

Its certification as an International Bachelor is granted in partnership with a European organization that allows 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits per year of study.

The school’s International Master’s programs are ongoing training activities geared towards application and professional practice. Their objective is to ensure the acquisition of competencies through specialized advanced training.