Roc Esquius

Study: Animation
Subject: Acting

Actor, playwright and director trained at the Estudi Nancy Tuñón in Barcelona and founder of the Companyia Dara. His curiosity has led him to train continuously: he has taken clown courses with Néstor Muzo, on-camera training with Pep Armengol and Esteve Rovira, and playwriting with Sergi Belbel.

He combines playwriting and directing with acting, performing in theaters and venues in Barcelona, Catalonia and Madrid. Since 2015 he complements his work as an actor with teaching. He also holds a degree in Computer Science from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Featured projects

  • 2021: “Angle mort”, written by Sergi Belbel and Roc Esquius. Produced by Apunta Teatre.
  • 2018: “Eli”, dramaturgy by Roc Esquius. Sala Versus Teatre.
  • 2020: “Likes”, dramaturgy and direction by Roc Esquius. Teatre Aquitània.
  • 2017: “Sàpiens v”, playwriting by Roc Esquius and direction by Sergi Belbel. Flyhard Hall
  • 2019: “Això ja ho he viscut”, by J.B Priestley with direction by Sergi Belbel. La Perla 29.

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