María Rincón

Program: Animation
Internship experience: Alkimia Studio

In the penultimate and final year of studies, each student completes a compulsory internship in a company. And in her third year of training in Animation, María Rincón has joined Alkimia Studio. A 2D Animation studio based in Madrid that produces projects for advertising, film, animation series and video games.

Why did you choose this studio for your internship?

The main reason why I joined Alkimia Studio was because I like the studio’s animation style and special effects. Also because they worked on projects for video games.

What has your work consisted of?

Clean up, animating shadows, painting, some special effects animation and animating simple scenes.

From your internship experience, is there any project that you would like to highlight in particular?

We did an animation for a gacha game with anime style. It was the first time I did a detailed clean up. And I had to pay attention to the movements of the hair, which I had to animate as I went through the clean up. I also painted and animated the shadows. In this project I learned a lot about movement and posing.

How do you rate your internship experience?

I liked it a lot, in the end I’ve been working with Alkimia Studio for six months. I worked from home, as the company is in Madrid and due to Covid they no longer had a physical studio. In this internship I have experienced the pressure of having real project deliveries, and having to run and work against the clock.

Why did you decide to study at L’Idem?

Because it’s the only university that teaches you real 2D animation.

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