The incorporation of our students into the labor market is a priority objective

At L’Idem we are committed to ensuring that, throughout their training, our students live an experience as close as possible to a real work environment. For this reason, we work on three experiential axes that go beyond school classes:


  • Curricular internships: as a lever for labor insertion.
  • International internships: as an international experience.
  • L’Idem International Animation Summit: a reference event in the Animation sector by connecting students with international studios and a space for professional networking.


Beyond the syllabus and pedagogical systems, what defines L’Idem’s philosophy is responsibility and a vision of the future. The school bases its entire educational project on matching the needs of companies with its training content. From this point of view, the development of partnerships and synergies with the different players in the Creative and Digital Industries sector is essential.

During the last years of studies at the school, our students carry out curricular internships in one of the more than 1,000 companies with which we collaborate. A training activity that contributes to their comprehensive training and offers them the opportunity to complete the knowledge and skills acquired with experiences in a real environment.

International internships

Since L’Idem Barcelona students are part of a dual-campus institution, they can benefit from international internship programs subscribed from both schools.
Since 2010, L’Idem Creative Arts School has participated in several European projects, in the framework of programs such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Erasmus + Mobility, taking care of the administrative, financial, technical and training management, as well as the communication and dissemination of activities, or the coordination of the intermediary European partners involved.

L’idem International Animation Summit

International event promoted by L’Idem Creative Arts School that, since 2014, brings together renowned animation professionals and final year students of the school.