International Master in Digital Design

Expand your skills in the digital design environment!

Academic program with solid technical and artistic training that will turn you into a 360º digital design professional, trained to work in companies, institutions or projects anywhere in the world. Get ready to contribute innovative and disruptive proposals linked to technology, sustainability, and social change.

From october to june






1 year


International Master




The International Master in Graphic Design is a program aimed at young professionals who have graduated from design and related disciplines, which provides solid theoretical and technical training connected to the professional world and current problems. Comprehensive learning taught in English by active professional teachers that contributes to the international projection of students, guaranteeing a quality educational experience.

L’Idem is a school on a human scale that prioritizes small class groups to encourage individualized student monitoring and encourage creativity, teamwork and communication skills. The student is immersed in a dynamic environment made up of students from all over the world, promoting cultural exchange and creative effervescence.


Methodology and educational objectives

We apply a dynamic pedagogical methodology developed based on professional practice. We reproduce real work environments and apply organizational, idea generation and workflow methods used by reference agencies.

Our model is based on the development of projects and the resolution of real case


360º digital professional

Training of designers with a critical spirit and leadership skills trained to offer innovative and future-oriented solutions, adapted to the needs of the market.



Multidisciplinary career oriented towards professional opportunities that trains highly qualified designers with a sense of work ethic. 100% job insertion.


Professional validation

Comprehensive teaching verified year after year by professionals from recognized international agencies and top-level companies.


Connection with our environment



Participation in real projects of social transformation, technology and innovation linking students with the real problems of our city and the world.

Program – International Master in Graphic Design



  • Production Tools (5 ECTS): Introduction to professional design software tools.
  • Creativity and graphic design (8 ECTS): Training in the way of thinking and creativity in the design activity.
  • Motion Graphics (5 ECTS): Theoretical and technical knowledge for the exercise of design of/in motion.
  • Desktop publishing with InDesign (5 ECTS credits): Theoretical-practical bases for editorial design and composition.
  • UI/UX (5 ECTS): User experience and interface design.
  • Web development (5 ECTS credits)
  • Marketing (5 ECTS): Study of positioning and marketing strategies focused on the digital world.
  • Advertising (5 ECTS): Campaign design and advertising communication (especially in the digital world).
  • Storyboard and sketch (3 ECTS): Theory and practice in the design of visual narrative.
  • Languages: French or Spanish / English 3×2 (5 ECTS)
  • Internships (4 ECTS)


  • International projects week (1 ECTS)
  • Agency | UX/UI (1 ECTS): User experience creative module
  • Agency | Visual identity (1 ECTS): Visual identity and branding creative module
  • Agency | Advertising (1 ECTS): Advertising campaign design project.
  • Matte painting (1 ECTS): Introduction and practice in the design of visual contexts.


Outputs / Employability

Art Director

General direction of creative projects.

360º digital designer

Production of design pieces and content for multidisciplinary creative projects.

Marketing, advertising and communication

Participation in campaigns and strategic projects.

UX/UI Designer

Optimization of user strategy and platform agility.

Motion Designer

Visual communication design in motion.

Research and education

Higher education and university teacher.

Student projects

Design Teachers


Who is this training for?

People who want to change course

Are you thinking of changing sectors? This training is designed to develop the necessary skills to work as a 360º digital designer at an international level.

People who want to boost their career

Take this course to broaden your knowledge and opt for more technical positions.


Did you just graduate from college? This training will provide you with the fundamental skills to start your career in the world of visual communication.

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Global Cost

The cost of the International Master in Graphic Design is €9,900 per course.


To facilitate access to the training offer on the L’Idem campus, the school dedicates special attention to promoting talent through various forms of study aid.

Help throughout the training at L’Idem Barcelona. It is essential to present the official supporting document.

International Students
Granted to international candidates with a Baccalaureate or equivalent studies, or previous university studies to help with accommodation and travel expenses during the first year of studies.

Academic Excellence
For Baccalaureate students, Advanced Training Cycle or equivalent studies with an average of 9 who are entering the school for the first time.

Single Parent Family
Help throughout the training at L’Idem Barcelona. It is essential to present the official supporting document.

Large Family
Help throughout the training at L’Idem Barcelona. It is essential to present the official supporting document.

Aids aimed at facilitating the mobility of national students whose residence is located more than 200 km from L’Idem Barcelona and who need help to travel during the first year of study