Students projects

At L’Idem we apply a dynamic methodology based on professional practice; we prioritize the applicability of the learning acquired and teach how to work to accomplish industry standards.

Our educational model is based on project work and the reproduction of the real work environment.

Brown bear gait cycle
Elena Benítez2D AnimationView more

You need space
Anna AltimiraAnimacióView more

Barraka Experience
Rubén OsésDesignView more

Staging Halloween
Sabela Cadarso, Frida Casaramona, Carla Viaplana, Lara Carrasco, Lunes Molner, Pia Facchini, Uriel ValleAnimationView more

Empower the music
Anastasia BeletskayaAdvertisingView more

Rubén OsésMotion DesignView more

Blooming of the future
3rd year studentsAdvertisingView more

Mountain backpacking
Adrián Lorenzo, Alex Gallup, Léa Meya, Thais RugelesAdvertisingView more

2 second tent
Adriana Trabal, Sabrina GutiérrezPublicityView more

Wind Stopper
3rd year studentsDesignView more

 Laughter cycle
Constanza GerardoAnimationView more

Running cycle
Roger EsturiAnimationView more

Ferris wheel attraction of love
Víctor CuyàsAnimationView more

Isabel AdlerAnimationView more

Marta MorianaAnimationView more

'The return'
Júlia PuertaAnimationView more

Blind date 
Arthur David ValentinAnimationView more

Sara ValenzuelaAnimationView more

Live your day to day
Juan José BecerraAnimationView more

'(Not) so far away'
Paula PlanasAnimationView more

Cut-out Animation
Mauricio NegreiraAnimationView more

Cut-out Animation
Cynthia JiménezAnimationView more

2D character in movement
Samuel SoutoAnimationView more

Visual effects with particles
Sonja CivitVFXView more

Visual effects with particles
Sergi LópezVFXView more

Visual effects with particles
Dinesh EncuentraVFXView more

Visual effects with particles
Marta ColmeneroVFXView more

Liquids simulation
Xènia GrauVFXView more

Liquid simulation
Blanca AlonsoVFXView more

Visual effects with particles
Mireia MartínezVFXView more

Visual effects with particles
Òscar BartraVFXView more

Natural environment
Àfrica TrilloVFXView more

Natural environment
Marta ColmeneroVFXView more

Natural and night lighting
Marta ViaplanaAnimationView more

Iluminación natural y nocturna
Sonja CivitAnimaciónView more

Natural and night lighting
Àfrica TrilloAnimationView more

Product rendering
Sara QueraltóAnimationView more

Product rendering
Sonja CivitAnimationView more

Groom for little monkey
Marta ColmeneroVFXView more

Sky hunter
Marta ColmeneroAnimationView more

Nastassia SibiratkinaAnimationView more

Marta ViaplanaAnimationView more

Product rendering
Andrea Flores AnimationView more

Groom Vikingo
Òscar BartraVFXView more

Product rendering
Marta ColmeneroAnimationView more

Character for Video Games
Sergi López Game ArtView more

Cat Groom
Sara QueraltóVFXView more

Prop modeling
Àfrica TrilloAnimationView more

Entorno para Videojuegos
Daniel Sabaté Game ArtView more

Indoor Lighting
Sonja CivitAnimationView more

Àfrica Trillo VFXView more

Diorama of a kitchen
Sara QueraltóGame ArtView more

Kitchen diorama
Andrea FloresGame ArtView more

Diorama Teapot
Àfrica TrilloGame ArtView more

Video Game Diorama
Marta ViaplanaGame ArtView more

Video Game Environment
Sonja CivitGame ArtView more

Modelatge orgànic per a concept art
Cristian PalosGame ArtView more

Modelado de herramientas
David MuñarchAnimaciónView more

Daniel SabatéAnimationView more

Infoarchitecture rendering
Andrea DelgadoAnimationView more

Lighting dynamics
2nd year students of 3D Generalist specializationAnimationView more

Prop modeling
Sonja CivitAnimationView more

Organic modeling for concept art
Álvaro Pozo Game ArtView more

Modelado orgánico de personajes
Cristian Palos Game ArtView more

Ramón, character for adult audiences
Fernando Zurita, Karma Juliana and Sacha BarzilaiConcept ArtView more

Sara, a character for teenagers
Clara Ribas, Fernando Zurita, Markel Ramos, Sacha Barzilai and Karma JulianaConcept ArtView more

Psychological horror
Markel RamosConcept ArtView more

Facial expressions
María MirallesConcept ArtView more

Facial expressions
Paula HuertaConcept ArtView more

Rocosín, character design
Clara RibasConcept ArtView more

Trashy, character design
Karma JulianaConcept ArtView more

Camerino circense
Lucía MolnerConcept ArtView more

La pastelería
Gisela BermúdezConcept ArtView more

Travelling through Kishima
Sebastián AristazábalConcept ArtView more

Refugio botánico
Renata Villagrà ZaidínConcept ArtView more

Background design
Isabel AdlerConcept ArtView more

Background design
Tais QuispeConcept ArtView more

Background design
Elena BenítezConcept ArtView more

Clicli, a character for children
Catarina Ferrerira, Clara Ribas, Fernando Zurita and Karma JulianaConcept ArtView more

On wheels
Anaïs Cerezal, Nil Barceló, Júlia PuertaStoryboardView more

Biblioteca de props
Fernando ZuritaConcept ArtView more

Unity is strength
Isabel Adler, Anna Gassiot, Marshall Iglesias, Kaiden Pigem, Tais Quispe y Ana RecioAnimationView more

Toxic Fish
Léa Bou, Carla Cuba, Carmen Gómez, Maria Rincón, Juris MikelisAnimationView more

Elena Benítez, Diana Cañas, Roger Esturi, Adriana González, Paula Rayo.AnimationView more

Take and escape with deformation
Renata VillagràAnimationView more

Action with explosion
Samuel SoutoAnimationView more

Quadruped with rider
Samuel SoutoAnimationView more

Chess move
Nina SabatéAnimationView more

Quadruped with rider
Alba GarcíaAnimationView more

Cuadrúpedo con jinete
Jordi GalarzaAnimaciónView more

Props library
Markel RamosConcept ArtView more

'The sun thief'
4th year animation students, specializing in 2D animation and artAnimationView more

4th year students of 2D Animation and Art majorsAnimationView more

4th year Animation students, specializations 3D Animation, 3D Generalist 3D and ArtAnimationView more

4th year students of the 3D Animation, 3D Generalist and Art specializationsAnimationView more

Props library
Clara RibasConcept ArtView more

Yuliia ChaichukAnimaciónView more

Facial project
Estela CapalleraAnimationView more

3D Animation for videogames
Jordi GalarzaAnimationView more

Launching project
Oriol CabúsAnimationView more

Brighten your soul
Tomas Robres, Carlos FloresCreativityView more

Papercut 3D
Digital Design studentsCreativityView more

Card game
Alba Farré, Aleix Suárez, Mariona JiménezDesignView more

Weight project
Pere MigóAnimationView more

Music fanzine
Rubén OsésTypographyView more

Typographic fanzine
Federica de SioTypographyView more

Film fanzine
Digital Design studentsTypographyView more

Alfabeto tipográfico
Estudiantes Diseño DigitalTipografíaView more

Creative packaging
Digital Design studentsCreativityView more

Oddly Satisfying Design
Lala PashayevaMotion DesignView more

Fashion Film
Anthony BillardDesignView more

3D architectural design
Anastasia BeletskayaCreativityView more

3D architectural design
Mar OlléCreativityView more

Book Cover
Jordi EspinosaDesignView more

Blanc de neu
Cora GuerraCreatividadView more

The viewpoint of El Cocuy National Park
Valentina ÁlvarezCreativityView more

The book tunnel
Justine BournetCreativityView more

Cotton village
Léa MeyaCreatividadView more

Underwater sushi restaurant
Adriana TrabalCreatividadView more

Kushi, time catcher
Marie BelloisCreativityView more

Claro oscuro
Alba Farré, Mariona Jiménez, Rubén Oses
PublicidadView more

Dissenyem comerços
Mariona Jiménez, Richard Billard, Rubén Oses, Tomàs Robres, Lala PashayevaDesignView more

Branding for La Casa Inglesa
Mariona Jiménez, Richard Billard, Alba Farré, Artús Ferrer, Jordi Espinosa, Aleix Suàrez, Rubén Oses, Tomàs Robres, Lala Pashayeva, Marina Marzhan, Sergio de la Parra, Carlos FloresDesignView more

Brochure 3D
Ruben OsésDesignView more

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