International Master in Game Art

Specialize in video game art!

We offer you a specific training to become an art professional for video games ready to successfully tackle real time projects and, especially, triple A content.


October to June


In-campus training or online




1 year


International Master




Video games are currently the most powerful audiovisual industry in the world. According to the Spanish Association of Video Games (AEVI), in 2021, video games in Spain had a turnover of 1,795 million euros. This figure is 2.75% more than the turnover in 2020 (1,747 million euros). In addition, last year the number of video game users in Spain reached 18.1 million people, a figure that represents an increase of 2.2 million compared to the previous year.
The sector is experiencing exponential growth and offers endless job opportunities for creative professionals.

The International Master in Game Art gives you the chance to become a professional in what you are most passionate about.

Methodology and educational objectives

We apply a dynamic methodology developed based on practice. Treating each student as a professional, we prioritize the real applicability of the acquired learning and teach to fulfill the corresponding standards.

Our educational model is based on projects and the reproduction of the real work environment.


Professional Game artist

Comprehensive training as a highly qualified Game Artist, both in Environment Art and Character Art.


Connection with the industry

To enable the student to create functional artistic content for video games, using the techniques currently used in the industry.



Specialized training for video game art professionals that enables them to immediately join a production.


Professional validation

Complete program verified year after year by professionals of the videogame industry of recognized trajectory.

Program – International Master in Game Art



  • Basic Maya (8 ECTS): Master the tools offered by the software and the basic modeling techniques for video games.
  • Advanced Maya (8 ECTS): Optimization tools and processes, UVs, retopology and advanced modeling techniques.
  • ZBrush (6 ECTS): Learn and master Sculpting techniques, as well as anatomy and character creation along with Hardsurface techniques and workflows for video games.
  • Substance Painter (5 ECTS): PBR (Physically Based Rendering) texturing techniques, Hand Painting & Stylized and Baking
  • Substance Designer (5 ECTS): Creation of PBR textures and Stylized Tileables for videogames.
  • Marmoset Toolbag 4 (4 ECTS): Presentation and RealTime rendering of the developed projects, as well as their publication in Art Station.
  • Unity (9 ECTS): Creation of projects within the graphic engine. Lighting, particles and materials techniques.
  • Unreal Engine (2 ECTS): Creation of projects within the graphic engine. Lighting, particles and materials techniques. Real Time rendering advanced techniques.
  • Rigging (2 ECTS): Bones, FK/IK constraints, joints, skinning, blend shapes.
  • Video Game Theory and Game Design (2 ECTS): Gameplay analysis, artistic analysis, game mechanics, level design.
  • Artistic Drawing (2 ECTS):Conceptualization of props and characters.
  • 3D Animation (2 ECTS):Key poses, curve editor, animation loops and export.
  • Programming (1 ECTS):C# scripting applied to Unity / C++ scripting and blueprints applied to Unreal Engine.

Career Opportunities / Employability

Generalist Game Artist

Highly creative and multifaceted 3D Artist Generalist, with experience in videogame art.

3D Prop Artist

Creation of 3D props for video games.

3D Character Artist

Creation of 3D characters for videogames.

3D Environment Artist

Creation of indoor and outdoor 3D scenarios for videogames.

VR Artist

Digital artist specialized in the process of creating art and virtual reality applications.

Arch Viz Engine Artist

Architectural visualization for virtual sets and augmented reality.

Student Projects



Who is this program for?

People who want to change their career path

Are you thinking of changing to a different sector? This International Master is designed to develop the necessary skills to work as a Game Artist, both in Environment Art and Character Art.

People who want to boost their career

Take this program to complement your knowledge and be able to create functional artistic content for video games.

Recent graduates

Just graduated from college? This International Master will provide you with the fundamental skills to start your career in the art for video games industry.

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    Global cost

    The cost of the International Master in Game Art is 9.900€.

    Scholarships and study grants

    In order to facilitate access to the educational offerings of the L’Idem campuses, the school pays special attention to promoting talent through various types of study grants.

    Assistance throughout the entire training at L’Idem Barcelona. It is essential to present the official accrediting document.

    International Students
    Given to international candidates with high school or equivalent studies, or previous university studies to help with accommodation and travel expenses during the first year of studies.

    Academic Excellence
    For high school students with a grade point average of 9 or higher who are entering the school for the first time.

    Single Parent Family
    Assistance throughout the entire course of studies at L’Idem Barcelona. It is essential to present the official document accrediting this.

    Large Family
    Assistance throughout the entire course at L’Idem Barcelona. It is essential to present the official accrediting document.

    Aid aimed at facilitating national stududents mobility whose residence is located more than 200 km from L’Idem Barcelona and need help to move during the first year of studies.

    The scholarships and grants awarded are made effective through a discount on the total cost of the course. For more information you can contact our Admissions Department