proyecto 3d generalista diorama estudiante l'idem

Diorama of a kitchen


Andrea Flores

Programs used

Autodesk Maya, Unreal, zBrush, Arnold, Substance Painter and Designer, Photoshop, Nuke, Premier.

Competences worked on

Pipeline, animation modeling, game optimization. Shadding, lighting, rendering, post-production.

About the project

In this 3D scenario exercise Andrea Flores proposes a beautiful kitchen. The cartoon-style diorama of her is inspired by artist Brittnie’s ‘Cook Book’ illustration. And in it our 4th year Animation student presents two geometries: one for 100% quads Animation, and another for an optimized real-time render engine.

According to Esteve Garriga, coordinator of the school’s 3D Generalist area, Andrea has presented “subtle work full of details”.

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