camerino circense proyecto concept art estudiante l'idem

Circus dressing room


Lucía Molner

Program used

Adobe Photoshop

Competencies acquired

Color keys, dibujo

About the project

In this funding exercise, our Concept Art professor Arly Jones has proposed creating a free setting that answers this question: Where would you like to be? Lucía’s proposal stands out for its originality: our student would like to be in a circus dressing room.

According to Arly, Lucía has done an excellent job of investigating the details: good selection and meticulous treatment of each one of them. In addition, the lighting work of the scene is very remarkable. “She has known how to combine technique and creativity in a graphic language that is easy to connect,” Arly pointed out. And this allows the viewer to “immediately situate himself in the proposed environment”, he added.

proyecto estudiante l'idem background
proyecto estudiante l'idem background

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