Claro oscuro


Alba Farré, Mariona Jiménez, Rubén Osés

Design discipline



Adobe Illustrator – Photoshop


Control of the brand’s visual strategy using the “Where’s the beef” method.
Ability to decline aesthetic references in advertising campaigns.
Knowledge of the different components of the advertising text.

About the project

Claro oscuro is the creative agency created by Alba Farré, Mariona Jiménez and Rubén Osés, 3rd year Digital Design students. A team of professionals committed to authenticity, innovation and contrast in all their proposals.

One of the projects they worked on this year was the outdoor advertising campaign for Levi’s® SecondHand with HommeGirls. The work of Jean-Michel Basquiat and slow fashion were the main themes of their striking proposal. In it they have declined the Levi’s® communication strategy and have used different creative processes to create ads to reach the consumer.

proyecto advertising estudiante l'idem
proyecto advertising estudiante l'idem
proyecto advertising estudiante l'idem

Other Design projects