Snezhana Golubeva’s ‘Fighter’ project in The Rookies


Our student from the 4th year of the 2D/3D Animation and Video Games, Snezhana Golubeva, has written an article on the international platform of creative talents, The Rookies, about the process creativo de su project ‘Fighter’, the creation of a realistic 3D character based on the concept art ‘Scrapper’ by artist Nick Bray.

In the article he guides the reader through the entire creative process when designing the character of his personal project ‘Fighter’: from the references, planning to the final rendering. ‘I wanted to share my knowledge with the rest of the students and users of The Rookies. I hope my breakdown is useful to others‘. As she comments, Snezhana’s objective is to share through this article her learning experience, as well as her ideas and her technique so that it can be useful in the learning of others artists.


With ‘Fighter’, Golubeva explains that her knowledge has been acquired through many ways of learning: ‘This project shows various sources of my knowledge: L’idem, ArtHeroes course and Artstation tutorials, The Rookies etc. Although I have a 3D base thanks to L’idem, I always try to go further and investigate. I learned the realistic sculpting part of the face in ArtHeroes, for example. El pelo real-time – en L’idem’.

His exceptional creativity and technical knowledge caught the attention of the experts on the platform of ‘The Rookies’. Para Snezhana comments ‘it I feel like a prize for all the effort I made during my years of studies It’s an honor to really be able to present my project there, I’m very grateful for this opportunity‘.

It is not the first time that the platform gives space to the creative process of a project by Snezhana Golubeva. Previously, he wrote an article where he explained his entire creative process for his ‘Pirate’ project focused on 3D modeling.

Do you want to read the entire article? You can access through this link: Creating a Realistic Character From a Cartoon Concept in Real -Time