javier benítez vera

Javier Benítez Vera

Study: Animation & Game Art
Subject: Digital Sculpting

He began his artistic career doing weekly illustrations for a well-known Spanish magazine. Exploring new techniques to improve his illustrations, he came into contact with the ZBrush software and, as he himself says, “it was love at first sight”. He decided to study 3D and specialize as a character and environment modeler. He has worked for several video game companies and animation production companies of international prestige.

Featured projects

The mobile and virtual reality game ‘Undead Citadel’, developed and distributed by Dark Curry S.L.

Mobile and virtual reality Android game ‘Dark Steel’, produced by Dark Curry.

2019: Virtual reality experiences for Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Messi10’ show.

character design javier benver

Character Design

Created using a Xencelabs tablet.


Khal Drogo fanart

Modeled in Zbrush and 3ds Max, textured in Substance Painter. Hair with Xgen and rendered in Arnold.

bella javier benver


Character modeled in ZBrush, Marvelous designer and 3ds Max. Textured in Substance Painter. Hair in Xgen and rendered in Arnold.

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