Claudio Biern Boyd, creator of great animated classics, dies


Image: EFE/Courtesy of BRB Internacional

The founder of the production company BRB Internacional Claudio Biern died on Monday at the age of 82. A leading figure in the audiovisual sector, he was the creator of television series that have marked several generations from the late 70s to the early 90s. Under the BRB label, he also managed the rights to classics such as ‘Mazinger Z‘, ‘The Pink Panther‘, ‘Maya the Bee‘ and ‘Vickie the Viking‘. In addition, and as a delegate producer of Apolo Films, he was responsible for successful animation films such as ‘D’Artacán y los tres mosqueperros‘, directed by Toni García.

Throughout his career he received several awards, such as the Extraordinary Talent Award of the Academy of Television 2017 or the President Macià Work Medal of the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2011.


The hits of BRB Internacional

David the Gnome

TV series based on the book ‘The Gnomes’, by Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen. It invites the viewer to travel to the world of these endearing little creatures.
Production: BRB Internacional and TVE

Around the World with Willy Fog

2D Animated Series with anthropomorphized animals based on the novel ‘Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours’, by Jules Verne.
Production: BRB Internacional and TVE

D’Artacán and the Three Musketeers

Animated series based on the novel Les trois mousquetaires by Alexandre Dumas. It recounts the adventures of D’Artacan after he becomes a dog-fly dog for the King of France.
Production: BRB Internacional

Mortadelo and Filemon

2D Animated series based on the comics by Francisco Ibáñez (1958). It narrates the adventures of two T.I.A. agents in the resolution of improbable cases.
Production: BRB Internacional, Antena 3 TV, R.T.L., Ediciones B.

Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

3D Animated Feature Film. An updated version of the 80’s TV classic, winner of the “Best animation film cinematography” European cinematography awards 2022.
Production and Distribution: Apolo Films / Cosmos Maya, RTVE / Lusomundo, A Contracorriente

Our Concept Art teacher, Josu Solano, has been part of the artistic team of this film. Find out what his participation has consisted of in this link