Students from the Creanavarra center visit L’Idem Barcelona

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On February 22, the L’Idem Barcelona campus hosted the visit of the students of the specialization of animation of the center for higher studies of Art and Digital Technology, Creanavarra.

The students took a tour of the entire center, seeing first-hand the classes with the students on site in their different specializations: 2D animation, 3D animation, Concept Art and 3D Generalist. Subsequently, the delegate of L’Idem Barcelona, Óscar Gamell, introduced them to L’Idem as an international center for Creative Arts and the professors Edu Morales, coordinator of the video game area, Esteve Garriga, coordinator of the 3D area, and Carles Prenafeta, coordinator of the 2D area, explained the lesson program for each specialization in Animation. Finally, Sara Sánchez, a CREANAVARRA student, who is currently studying at L’ Idem, explained her experience to the attending students about how she is studying at L’ Idem.

Collaboration between the two centers
Last year, L’idem and CREANAVARRA reached a collaboration agreement between the two centers. Students will be able to have an international academic progression and, as aspiring third and fourth year students at L’Idem Barcelona, they can obtain the European Level 6 Higher Studies Diploma in 2D/3D Animation and Video Games awarded by the French RNCP.