Josu Solano participates in the film ‘D’Artacán y los tres mosqueperros’


This year, Josu Solano has joined L’Idem Barcelona teaching team as a Concept Art teacher. For him, Animation is a good medium to tell stories. And for the last five years he has specialized in concept art and illustration for video games and feature films. His latest professional projects include ‘Inspector Sun y la maldición de la viuda negra’, directed by Julio Soto; and the 3D Animation feature film ‘D’Artacán y los tres mosqueperros‘, by Apolo Films. The former is a co-production of The Thinklab Media and Gordon Box in association with 3Doubles Producciones. It is considered one of the big bets of Spanish Animation for 2022. And the second one, is an updated version in 3D Animation of the 80’s classic, inspired by the novel ‘Les trois mousquetaires‘, by Alexandre Dumas. In this production, Josu has worked as colour key artist.

“I love being part of the conception of the worlds of projects that inspire people just as they inspired me as a child”, he has told ud. We spoke to Josu about his work on Apolo Films’ latest production.

What has your work consisted of?

As a colour key artist I have created illustrations that will represent the scenes of the production in terms of light, colour and finish. I also had the opportunity to design some sets.


And how does this experience connect with the subject you teach at L’Idem?

The design of shapes, light and shadow was 90% of that work. For this reason, I teach it as the initial basics in the classes I do at L’Idem.


What did you learn from this experience?

Above all, I take with me the style and the way of working on a project of these characteristics, which I wasn’t used to until now.


And how do you rate it?

I really enjoyed it. Being used to working freelance from home, this was the first time I worked physically in a studio with a team. It has been interesting in the sense that it has forced me to try and get used to working in a different style and way of doing things. I’m sure it will open doors to other experiences.

Concept Josu Solano-dartacan-1
Concept Josu Solano D’Artacán y los tres mosqueperros
Concept Josu Solano-dartacan-1
Concept Josu Solano-dartacan-1

Images: Apolo Films