L’Idem presents the final year 3D short film ‘Mocca’

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‘Mocca‘ is the final project carried out by the 4th year students of Animation at L’Idem Barcelona during 2022. A 3D Animation short film that invites us to reflect on the current pace of life and the need to opt for a slower and more conscious way of life. For 9 months and under the supervision of the school’s teaching team, the students of the 3D Animation, 3D Generalist and Art specializations have worked on this audiovisual production, reproducing the work workflow of an Animation studio. In addition, ‘Mocca‘ features original music created by ESMUC Master’s Degree in Soundtrack and Music Composition for Audiovisual Media students.

Length: 5’35”
Technique: 3D Animation
Production: L’Idem Creative Arts School in collaboration, Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC) and the Réseau des Écoles Françaises de Cinéma d’Animation (RECA).



Mocca is a traditional robot who runs a modernist-style coffee shop in a shopping centre. His peaceful daily life is disrupted when Xpress-O, a modern automatic coffee shop, moves in opposite his business. Faced with the loss of customers and blinded by anger, Mocca tries to defeat his new competitor with the help of Latte, his young apprentice.


Mocca‘ credits

Script: Michelle Carpico, Júlia López, Mireia Martínez, Cristian Palos, Álvaro Pozo, Iván Rodríguez


Story artists: Laura Guasch, Estela Capallera, Álvaro Pozo

Character Design: Cristian Palos, Álvaro Pozo

Background & Prop Design: Júlia López, Iván Rodríguez

Matte Painting: Iván Rodríguez


Animation & Layout: Oriol Cabús, Estela Capallera, Michelle Carpico, Albert de la Salud, Jordi Galarza, Nina Sabaté. Pau Verdaguer

2D FX: Estela Capallera, Jordi Galarza


Character artist: Marta Colmenero, Àfrica Trillo, Marta Viaplana

Environment artist: Oscar Bartra, Marc Boixader, Sonja Civit, Marta Colmenero, Andrea Flores, Mireia Martínez, Sara Queraltó, Nastassia Sibiratkina, Marta Viaplana

VFX: Marc Boixader

Lighting: Oscar Bartra, Andrea Flores

POST PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT: Sonja Civit, Mireia Martínez, Sara Queraltó, Nastassia Sibiratkina, Àfrica Trillo MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN

Music: Mario G. Cortizo

Sound Design: Néstor Català, Mario Cortizo, Pau Verdaguer

Trumpet: Berta Gala

SPECIAL THANKS: Miquel Aloy, Oscar Gamell, Esteve Garriga, Miriam Hidalgo, Carles Prenafeta, Alex López, Alex Martínez, Albert Modolell, Edu Morales, Carol Novell, Antonio Santamaría, Jordi Vallejo

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