Alumni from L’Idem after the ‘Clifford the Red Dog’ movie


‘Clifford the Red Dog’ hits theaters this week by Paramount Pictures. Directed by Walt Becker, this CGI film live action tells the story of a doll that grows as the love it receives from a girl increases.


Jordi Arqués, graduated in the 3D Generalist specialty in 2020, has been part of the Visual Effects (VFX) team of this production. We have taken the opportunity to discuss with our alumni how he has had his last professional experience.

How did you get involved in this project?

At the end of 2018 I received an offer from Technicolor to join their ranks of Academy FX artists. At the end of my training period I was appointed to MPC. There, among many other projects, I had the opportunity to work on ‘Clifford the Red Dog’.

What has your work consisted of?

I have joined the production FX crew, a department that is part of post-production. In it we create from simulations of tiny particles to gigantic explosions.

How long have you been working on the visual effects for ‘Clifford the Red Dog’?

I started working on this film around November 2019 and my collaboration with the production ended in April 2020.

The film hits theaters this week.

True, although originally the premiere had to be at the end of 2020 but due to the situation related to the Covid-19 it was postponed until the end of 2021.

What software did you use to create them?

We have used the industry standard software for productions of this caliber: Houdini. It is a program from SideFX that works procedurally, unlike other more popular programs such as Cinema 4d or Autodesk Maya. And the truth is that there are no limits to anything in it. If you lack a tool, you can create it yourself.

Do you consider that any learning acquired in L’Idem has been useful to you in this project?

From L’Idem I take the good critical eye to know how to make decisions and see if something works, as well as the ability to generate art from something that is very technical. Let’s not forget that we are replicating the real world, but in a more interesting way!

From your work on ‘Clifford the Red Dog,’ would you highlight any particular element?

In general, in “Clifford the Red Dog” there are not very big and fancy effects like we can find in Marvel movies. The type of work that we have done since the FX artist crew is practically invisible. And I think that this is the most difficult to achieve: to recreate reality so well that not even the viewer does not plan that the image he is observing has gone through a computer.

Finally, how do you rate this experience?

Being part of an international production is always very positive: it gives you a lot of visibility as an artist and allows you to live in a foreign country. But, above all, what I take with me are the bonds I have created with the members of the team and the opportunity to work side by side with some of the best artists in the sector.

‘Clifford the Red Dog’

It is based on a series of American children’s books starring Clifford, a gigantic red Vizsla. Emily Elizabeth is a high school student trying to fit in both at home and at school. In a kennel she meets a little puppy with red fur who, little by little, becomes her best friend. When Clifford transforms into a large dog, he attracts the attention of a genetics company. Clifford and Emily’s adventures will teach the viewer how to love in a big way. Written by Norman Bridwell, the series was first published in 1963.
This production stars Jack Whitehall, Darby Camp, Tony Hale, Sienna Guillory, Russell Wong and John Cleese. And its protagonist, Clifford, has the voice of David Alan Grier.