International Master in VFX

Specialize in VFX with the best professionals!

We offer you a specific training to acquire an effective, practical and updated mastery of the software required to achieve and develop modern solutions when creating VFX for any media.


October to June


E-learning and online mentoring




7 months


International Master




Nowadays, the synthesis image is perfectly integrated in the real image films we see every day. In fact, the work of integrating CGI-generated elements with those previously recorded is present in 90% of productions. In this context, the work of VFX professionals is increasingly extensive and has become an essential element in audiovisual productions.

In the International Master in VFX we propose a specific training to acquire an effective, practical and updated mastery of the software required to achieve and develop modern solutions when creating VFX for any media.

Avenger: Age of Ultron
Property of Marvel Studios – Work done at TRIXTER

Methodology and educational objectives

At L’Idem we apply a dynamic methodology developed based on professional practice.

This specialized training will be delivered through an e-learning platform. A virtual learning space in which students will access the contents, activities and assignments through the Internet.


Academical excellence

Program based on the absolute mastery of the knowledge, software and technical skills of an FX Artist.


Orientation to the world of work

This program prepares you to start working as a Junior in any VFX studio in the world almost immediately. It also prepares you to be able to carry out your own projects or to be able to start being an independent VFX artist.


Connection with the industry

This specific training uses the same tools and techniques that the most renowned Post and VFX studios in the world use.


Professional validation

Specialized training given by the best FX Artists in Europe.

Program – International Master in VFX



  • Introduction to film, video and photography (2 ECTS): Camera techniques in Film and Photography (angles, composition, color spaces and framing). Working with video formats, types and compressions according to current standards of postproduction and acquisition of images and shots (plates).
  • Introduction in Post (2 ECTS): First steps in 2D compositing. Working with videos and image sequences. Basic tasks, editing and preparation of material and plates. Masks, working with layers.
  • Workshop Match-move I + Application to real projects (1 ECTS): Beginning to understand how to recreate camera movement in the computer. 2D tracking, planar tracking and stabilization in After Effects and Mocha.
  • Match-move II Workshop (1 ECTS): 3D Tracking and lens distortion. Object, Facial and Head Matchmoving.
  • Match-move III Workshop (1 ECTS): Object, Facial and Head Matchmoving.
  • Module Introduction to CG (5 ECTS): Basic use, working with the MatchMove performed, starting with Layout and blocking tasks.
  • Introduction to Node compositing (2 ECTS): Principles of compositing, first tasks joining models and MatchMove done in class.
  • NUKE I Workshop (2 ECTS): Composition principles, Roto prep, first CG comp tasks joining models and MatchMove done in class.
  • NUKE II Workshop (2 ECTS): Matchmove techniques in Nuke. 3D compositing, CG Comp by Passes and introduction to CG integration with plates.
  • NUKE III Workshop (2 ECTS): Introduction to Blue/Greenscreen removal.
  • Houdini I (4 ECTS): Introduction to Houdini software, Simulations and particles theory.
  • Houdini II (4 ECTS): Smoke, fire and water simulation.
  • Houdini III (4 ECTS): Simulation of complex explosions, recreation of materials and their real behavior.
  • VFX I Workshop (6 ECTS): Compositing of particles rendered in Arnold in Maya using caches created in Houdini by the students. CG compositing in plates.
  • VFX II Workshop (6 ECTS): Acquisition of plates by the students. Layout and Edit preparation in After Effects. 3D tracking and MatchMove in Nuke, compositing and 2D integration of material made by students in Nuke. Advanced compositing techniques and Chroma Compositing. Intro to Deep Compositing with the simulations made.
  • Final workshop (7 ECTS): Plate acquisition. Lens Distortion removal and MatchMove in SynthEyes or 3D equalizer. Layout in Maya. Particle creation in Houdini applied to each particular scene. Rendering of the simulations made by students in Arnold from Maya with passes. Set extension, prep, DMP (Digital Matte Painting), 3D compositing by passes and final CG integration with chromas and plates.
  • Internship (9 ECTS)


Career Opportunities / Employability

Visual Effects Artist

Development of your own projects in their entirety. Create your own digital pieces, develop entirely VFX solutions independently or in teams.

VFX Compositor

Final image composition and shot creation for any kind of audiovisual production (films, commercials, TV series…) using filmed or CG elements.

On-Set Supervisor

Supervision of visual effects shots execution, management of budget, schedule and expectations.

Match-moving Artist

Recreation of object and camera movement on the computer in order to carry out all the following steps in the VFX workflow.

Houdini FX Artist

Creation of photorealistic and physically realistic visual effects (dust, water, smoke, explosions, destruction, etc).

Houdini Groom TD

Creation of believable hair, fur and feathers for characters and environments in high-end VFX projects.

Student Projects



Who is this program for?

People who want to change their career path

Are you thinking of changing industry? This International Master is designed to develop the skills necessary to work as an FX Artist at an international level.

People who want to boost their career

Take this program to complement your knowledge and you will have a real picture of how all the areas involved in a Visual Effects pipeline work.

Recent graduates

Have you just graduated from university? This International Master will equip you with the fundamental skills to start your career in the exciting world of Visual Effects.

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    Global cost

    The cost of the International Master in VFX is 13,500€.

    Scholarships and study grants

    In order to facilitate access to the educational offerings of the L’Idem campuses, the school pays special attention to promoting talent through various types of study grants.

    Assistance throughout the entire training at L’Idem Barcelona. It is essential to present the official accrediting document.

    International Students
    Given to international candidates with high school or equivalent studies, or previous university studies to help with accommodation and travel expenses during the first year of studies.

    Academic Excellence
    For high school students with a grade point average of 9 or higher who are entering the school for the first time.

    Single Parent Family
    Assistance throughout the entire course of studies at L’Idem Barcelona. It is essential to present the official document accrediting this.

    Large Family
    Assistance throughout the entire course at L’Idem Barcelona. It is essential to present the official accrediting document.

    Aid aimed at facilitating national students mobility whose residence is located more than 200 km from L’Idem Barcelona and need help to move during the first year of studies.

    The scholarships and grants awarded are made effective through a discount on the total cost of the course. For more information you can contact our Admissions Department.