Animation Testimony: Joan Cerdà, internship at PlaySys

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In his third year of 2D/3D Animation and Video Games, Joan Cerdà Montero has carried out his curricular internships in < /strong>PlaySys. A software engineering company based in Milan that, since 2007, has been offering digital experiences for video games, virtual reality or interactive media.
One of our priorities as a school is for our students to successfully enter the labor market. And to do this, during the last two years of our students they complete an internship period in a company. On the one hand, these contribute to their integral training as Animation professionals. And, on the other hand, complete the knowledge and skills acquired with experience in a real work environment. We have spoken with Joan< /a> to find out how he lived his first professional experience.

Evaluation of the internship tutor

Luca Deriu, founder and R&D engineer at PlaySys, evaluates how Joan Cerdà’s work evolved during this internship period.

How would you rate your internship experience?

Very pleasant and instructive. In addition to feeling comfortable in the studio, I feel that I have learned a lot about how a production works.

From what you learned at school, what do you think is being most useful to you in your internship?

Apart from the use of the software we work with at school, I think what has been most useful to me has been the habit of working with deadlines and presenting results within a certain time.

Now that you have discovered the world of work, where and in what position would you like to be working in a few years?

I really enjoyed my first immersion in the world of video game production. And in the future I would like to work as a character designer in animated series and films.

How would you describe your training at L’Idem Barcelona?

Like some useful but demanding studies that have made me strive and improve a lot. In addition, at school I have made very good friends and I have met great professionals.