L’Idem Barcelona hosts L’Idem International Animation Summit 2024

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Barcelona will once again be the epicenter of the world of animation with the celebration of the L’Idem International Animation Summit , an annual event organized by L’Idem Creative Arts School. This conference, scheduled from February 7 to 9 on the L’Idem Barcelona campus, aims to promote creative talent and establish connections with the labor market in the field of animation, including both 2D and 3D animation and video games.


The event is specifically designed to facilitate the meeting between final year students of L’Idem Creative Arts School and professionals from the animation industry, including studios and production companies. For three days, exchanges of experiences, resources and job opportunities will take place. In addition, students will have the opportunity to receive professional advice, present proposals and show their work to participating companies, which could offer internships or hiring according to their needs.