8 Spanish productions at Cartoon Forum 2022


Three final year Animation students from L’Idem will be taking part in the 2022nd edition of Cartoon Forum. A forum focused on pitching sessions for animation projects for television where animation producers can find potential partners and investors. For Oscar Gamell, managing director of L’Idem Barcelona, this is a unique opportunity for “our students to see how relationships and dynamics are established within the industry and to learn first-hand about the trends in the different targets of animation production for TV”.
According to the event’s organizers, more than one out of every three projects presented at the Cartoon Forum gets funding and goes into production. Since its creation in 1990, 921 series have found financing at this event, representing a total budget of 3.94 billion euros.

8 Spanish projects at Cartoon Forum 2022

From 19 to 22 September Toulouse is hosting the European co-production forum for animated series. Out of 137 projects received for its 2022 edition, Cartoon Forum has selected 84 projects from 19 countries. 8 of which are Spanish projects.

‘Bertie’s Brain­waves’

An adaptation of ‘Dirty Bertie’, the bestselling series of books by David Roberts. Bertie is 10 years old and has an amazing imagination. The things she imagines become real, transforming her reality and inviting her and her friends on unique adventures.
Production: In Efecto, Flickerpix

bertie cartoon forum 2022

‘Best Friends Forever… Stranded!’

It tells the story of Frank, a rooster who dreams of becoming a famous writer. His plan is thwarted when he is stranded on an island with his faithful companion, Chops the pig. There they form a special bond with a vegan crocodile. And together they will live crazy adventures.
Production: Peekaboo Animation

best friends cartoon forum 2022


Anthological animation that tells the life stories of women from all over the world, pioneers in areas that until their arrival were reserved for men. An invitation to dream and to be who we want to be.
Production: ON Producciones, Typpo Creative Lab

firsts cartoon forum 2022

‘Mervyn’s Album’

This is the story of a 10-year-old boy who has the ability to enter the worlds illustrated by postage stamps. On each adventure he discovers a new place and the people on the stamp.
Production: Kick the Door Productions, BigB

mervyn cartoon forum 2022

‘My Brother is a T-Rez’

Coco is six years old and loves to make up stories. Her little brother is an impulsive T-Rex. Together they embark on a surprising adventure to find creative solutions to his impatient nature.
Production: Mr Klaus Animation Studio, Lusco Fusco Animation

t rex cartoon forum 2022

‘Polka dot zebra’

Bella is a zebra who, instead of stripes, was born with spots. Proud of it, Bella learns that being different is a lot of fun. And she doesn’t hesitate to help other animals embrace their uniqueness.
Production: Sygnatia, Bro Cinema

zebra cartoon forum 2022

‘The Little Orchestra’

Music is the protagonist of this series that shows us what songs are made of and why they move us.
Production: Mago Audiovisual Production, Apus Animación, Chucho TV

orchestra cartoon forum 2022

‘Zoey Oceans’

The boat on which Zoey’s father was traveling disappeared at sea, but she does not give up hope that he will return.
Production: Studio Kimchi

zoey cartoon forum 2022

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