‘Posing’ Workshop taught by Edu Lloberas


Edu Lloberas, a 3D animator who has worked for companies such as Mikros Animation, Illumination Mac Guff or Lightbox Animation Studios made 3rd year Animation students a ‘Posing’ workshop. This animation technique is important because it helps represent the important movements that take place in a certain sequence.

We spoke with Edu to explain to us what this animation technique consists of and what they learned in this workshop:

1. What did this workshop consist of?
It consisted of criteria to take into account for Posing.

2. Why are poses important in Animation?
Posing, like timing, is an essential part of animation. There is no animation that works without good Posing.

3. Why is it important to learn to master this technique when animating a character?
It has a direct impact on the quality of the animation.


4. How important is the pose in 3D Animation?
Practically the same importance as in 2D animation. Is essential.

6. What types of posing techniques are there in animation?
I don’t know a specific technique, but it can be helpful to use references or draw before you start posing the character.

7. How important is the anatomy of a character?
It is very important since it usually conditions Posing. Both the choice of poses and their execution.

8. Why is it important for students to learn to master this technique in the classroom?
It is one of the animation sections where an animator must have a minimum base, if not it is very difficult to correct the animations and consequently the chances of being hired in a company decrease.

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