Workshop carried out with the students of CCV2 from L’Idem


As usual, the students of L’Idem and Barcelona usually do some of their modules on one of the two campuses in Perpignan (France) and Barcelona.

In this case, CCV2 students from L’Idem from France held a workshop in the center of Barcelona that revolved around the creation of images with isometric perspective. Directed by professor David Nebot, the students, all divided into groups of 4 people were given the choice between creating a floating island or a city street with the theme they wanted.

The workshop consisted of different phases of realization:

PHASE 1: Design. Using Illustrator software, students created the base design on which their entire project would revolve.

PHASE 2: Group project. The students had to unify the individual design of each one in a joint image that connected those 4 individual designs in a coherent way.

PHASE 3 Data Combination. Using Indesign software and a database created in Excel/Google docs, students created a base design template that will feed that database to automatically generate collectible card ‘stickers’ with various information on each design.

PHASE 4: mockups. With the designs from the previous stages of the project, the students learned to generate their own mockups using Photoshop and the 3D editing possibilities offered by Illustrator.

The objective of the workshop, apart from learning different processes to generate attractive isometric images, was to use different software to assess the benefits of using different design tools in a single project and that the objective is to create complete and technically varied projects.