‘The Sun Thief’ selected in the 16th Baixada Animada


The short film The Sun Thief, created by the students of Animation of the 2021-2022 promotion of L’Idem Barcelona, has been selected in the 16th Baixada Animada, the Mostra Ibero-Americana de Cinema de Animaçao, within the category of ‘Curtas Ibero-Americans’.

Baixada Animated Festival

This exhibition of animated short and feature films is held from September 27 to October 8 in Säo Joäo de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and is one of the main events dedicated to the promotion of the contemporary production of Ibero-American animated cinema. This year, it brings a novelty and that is that the main productions from countries outside the Ibero-American region such as Portugal or Spain are shown.

The students’ shorts continue to travel the world!

baixada-animada -1