Design Testimony: Carlos Flores, internship at Lagranja Design

Diseño, Testimonio

Carlos Flores He is studying the 2nd year of the estudis superiors de Disseny Digital at our school. During the third quarter of the course he carried out curricular practices at Lagranja Design . Likewise, internships are a mandatory activity during both years of training. In addition, this experience allows each student to experience the daily work in a company, agency or studio. On the other hand, it complements his latest training with a competitive professional, prepared for whatever professional project he can create.

Internships at Lagranja Design

Lagranja Design is a multidisciplinary studio-workshop that, since 2002, develops industrial and interior design projects that place people at their center. Carlos has joined the Lagranja team for four months. We will first discover Carles’ first experience at work.

Why have you tried your internship at Lagranja Design?

I chose LaGranja Design for its international environment and professionalism. The study duu a terme projects dinamics i multifacètics amb espais, movables y objects distintius. I seem to be very interested in connecting with them when I first contact them at work.

What does feine tea consist of?

I have worked with the community manager to create contingut for Instagram and the website. In my practice I have created contingut for posts, I have made photographs, I have edited audiovisual material, I have designed motion graphics and logo animations.

Of those who have attended school, what do you consider to be the most useful for your practical purposes?

Likewise, I have acquired very useful professional qualifications such as team work, problem solving and communication. These connections are very useful for practical purposes. At school I have learned that the design of many parts and involves many steps. Also, people work together in a professional environment.

How is the relationship between the team and the team?

During the latest practices I felt very well supported by the Lagranja Design team. They have helped me and recovered enormously, I have felt very integrated.

Finally, what are the values of the experience?

In this internship experience I have discovered how a company really works from dins.

About L’Idem

How would you describe your time at L’Idem Barcelona?

My stay at L’Idem Barcelona has been an incredible opportunity to develop my design skills and learn how the design industry works in real settings.

Why did you choose the school?

I chose L’Idem because of its focus on student participation in professional situations.

After your first professional experience, in what position would you like to be working in a few years?

I would like to continue developing my skills in Motion Design. I feel very comfortable in this discipline.