What are the professional opportunities in Digital Design?


The profile of a digital designer is the same as a graphic designer? We could say that they are brothers, that they live in the same house and that they eat the same things, but each one has different activities. What changes is the support. On the one hand, graphic design can be found in magazines, newspapers, advertisements in subway stations, packaging or flyers, to name a few. On the other hand, digital design is developed on other types of supports: a website, a banner, a post on social networks or a streaming platform.


The 5 most important characteristics of digital design

1. The best marketing ally

Graphic design will always seek to have a utility and understand what the client wants. Adapt images that work with a product, that sell and communicate. In order to hit the target, the design relies on marketing and vice versa, so it is essential to have notions of marketing or surround yourself with a professional team that helps you create messages that meet the objectives. You have to understand the audience and create graphic supports on which a product can be supported.

2. Create experiences

Digital design cannot be touched, so professionals in the sector will have to find ways to create experiences that help their graphic creations, using elements that complement their work such as audio or video. Digital design has to be interactive, which does not necessarily mean that we have to create something that the public can engage in, since we can get answers in more subtle ways, the important thing is to keep our public active through strategies that allow us to create a link always aided by the design.


3. Use technology

An excellent digital designer will always be aware of the latest technological advances. The virtual space is his territory and he has to know it perfectly in order to master it. The digital design is so wide and with so many possibilities that you may well choose to focus on a single specialty and make it your weapon of battle. The most important thing is that you know the trends and use the tools appropriately.


4. Aesthetics

Just like traditional graphic design, one of the most important aspects of this activity is aesthetics. It is not enough to create elements that work; they also have to be attractive to the eye, with a base that supports their creation, an excellent selection of colors according to their objective and perfectly organized within a space that will convey a message. In this case, it is also convenient to be up-to-date in terms of graphic design trends in order to create messages that connect with the public effectively.


5. Creativity

The fundamental part of any professional, you always have to go one step ahead of others. Think of messages that have not been created or transform them so that they become something authentic and original. In this particular case we are talking about visual creativity, an innovative use of color, lines and even movement. Creativity will allow us to create powerful messages that are based on powerful and simple images that immediately connect with our audience. In the end, being a digital graphic designer is a collection of many things: developed talents, experience, practice or technology, but what will really make all of this work and unite will be the creative part.


Digital Design: Professional Opportunities

Web designer

This work basically consists of preparing a digital site on the Web. It must be very striking by default and meet certain requirements so that they can satisfy the needs of visitors.

Photo editor

When a company wants to promote a brand, service or product through images, they go through an editing process before being published in a portal, magazine or article. In charge of this process, we found an expert in the area of digital design.

App Designer

The universe of technology can be filled with immense opportunities for professionals. They will allow you to develop projects that you are passionate about, application design being one of the most requested.

Video game designer

Believe it or not, videogames also require special attention in terms of digital design, since through this, the game will be able to count on consumers in a more optimal way. Without a doubt, the dream job for many graduates in this area of work.

Advertising designer

It could be said that it is the most requested in the area of digital design. This field of work is very dynamic and extravagant, which is why it makes it ideal for those people who love the action of marketing.

Motion Graphiquer

This is one of the newer job postings in the field, so it’s not as in-demand, but it does have its perks. This professional is in charge of recreating visual and/or audiovisual sequences through images.

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