Interview with Professor Esteve Garriga in Renderout magazine

Animation, News

The digital magazine Renderout, a specialized publication focused on the world of 3D Animation, has returned this May. In number 38, you can read the interview with our 3D Animation coordinating professor in the 2D/3D Animation and Video Games: Esteve Garriga.

In this interview he talks about the three Virtual Reality projects that the students of L’Idem Barcelona have developed in collaboration with the students of ETIC Algarve. On the one hand, from L’Idem all the artistic part of the video game has been elaborated and, on the other hand, from ETIC all the programming part has been made.

These three video games are the first to have been developed in the classrooms of these two centers. A joint project that has been coordinated by Esteve Garriga from L’Idem and by Francisco Simôes and Risa Cohen from ETIC.

As Esteve comments in the interview “From L’Idem Barcelona we have taken care of all the visual aspects of the projects. The art department did all the concept art in relation to the descriptions made by the ETIC and L?idem students when they decided on the script and type of video game. With this material, the general 3D department created all the objects and settings that make it up, the textures and materials.”

If you want to see the full interview. You can do it through the following link!