Digital Design Project: Book Cover


Take the creativity of each student to the highest level. Go beyond established limits and bet on originality. Take risks and surprise. These are the objectives set Guido del Solar in the subject of Creativity. And a good example of this are the projects that our Digital Design students develop throughout their training at L’Idem. Today we share the proposal of Jordi Espinosa, 2nd year student from Digital Designl of the school, for the Book Cover project.

The anatomy of mushrooms

In his proposal, our student has designed the cover of a book based on a photographic production with a singular protagonist: an element of nature. On the one hand, in this practice he has learned to use photography as a communicative element directly related to the rest of the graphic resources available to a designer. And, on the other hand, he has looked for creative angles and points of view to convey a specific message.

According to Guido del Solar, Jordi’s proposal stands out for both its simplicity and its elegance. “The simplicity of the final result and how complex it was to photograph such a small element and manage to capture its details with the correct lighting are a great success,” Guido told us.

What is the concept of this project?

Jordi: The main concept of the work was to be able to appreciate the beauty of mushrooms in nature. Thanks to the chroma lens, I have been able to take detailed photographs of these foods and show all their details.

And what result have you sought with your proposal?

Jordi: First of all, I wanted to attract the observer’s eye by showing the nature of mushrooms on the cover of the book. And, secondly, offer differential content to the reader. The book offers information about the different types of mushrooms depending on the season, climate, prices and/or uses.

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