Christine Rey

Charge: Founder and CEO of L’Idem Creative Arts School

L’Idem Creative Arts School is a school of excellence dedicated to animation, graphic and digital design, as well as sound and audiovisual professions.

Founded in 1997, it has become a recognized international school thanks to its two campuses in Perpignan (France) and Barcelona (Spain). This international presence is the school’s DNA.
A strong teaching staff formed by recognized professionals in the industry and the quality of our advanced training courses provide our students with the artistic and technical skills sought after by industry players.

In addition to technical and artistic knowledge, our students develop international interpersonal skills thanks to our foreign language training (English and French). They are prepared to make the most of their talent in companies thanks to their mandatory internships, which are possible anywhere in Europe with the Erasmus+ Charter.

Welcome to L’Idem!

Christine Rey
Founder and CEO of L’Idem Creative Arts School

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