L’Idem Barcelona certified centre of Autodesk Maya

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L’Idem is since 5 years an authorized centre for Autodesk Maya, supporting our courses with the n° 1 3D software

This year, we have obtained the certificate for the Maya software, used all around the world in the FX of movies and 3D animation. Maya is the software that our facilities use in the course of the education in 3D Animation Design, Audiovisual & Film Design and also in the initiation into the school’s common courses. Our students can count on a qualitative formation, and our professionals hire our students for internships, a confirmation of the knowledge with which the profession starts.


The official website of Autdesk says: the network of educational centres authorized to work with Autodesk ® (ATC ®) allows us to optimize the functions of the Autodesk ® products. Many organizations offer training in the software, but only the private educational institutes and its instructors/teachers recognized in the ATC training centres accomplish strictly the quality standards of Autodesk




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