The students from 2 Audiovisual & Film Design at the Festival de Sitges

By 27 febrero 2013 No Comments

The Bachelor students from the 2nd year Audiovisual & Film Design from l’Idem Barcelona are at the 45th edition of the Festival de Sitges 

This year, L’Idem Barcelona has offered the students in the 2nd year Audiovisual & Film Design the possibility of attending as spectators at the premiere of the new edition of the fantastic festival and giving them the chance to view some of the most anticipated movies at the auditorium of the Hotel Melià de Sitges.

On the first day of the festival, they could see El Cuerpo, Oriol Paulo’s new movie which reached the festival with great expectation thanks to the casting of well-known actors from the Spanish film industry, like José Coronado or Belén Rueda.

The next day, some of the students could see the other two movies: Compliance from director Craig Zobel and Don Coscarelli’s John Dies at the End.


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