Testimonies of alumni and entrepreneurs

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l’Idem Barcelona – testimonis – L´escola des estudis multimèdia

Studying and working around the world

James Cameron - Gerald CLEVY - L´Idem Barcelona

While I was studying at L´Idem I was encouraged to experiment with different drawing techniques and I started using professional software. After this cycle, I worked as a designer for some advertising companies, then I moved into the 3D animation sector until I ended up at WETA Digital, in New Zealand, to be part of James Cameron´s (director of the movie “AVATAR”) team. It was a dream come true. 

Gerald CLEVY

3D artist at Weta Digital

Etienne Badia - L´Idem Barcelona

“The teachers always take care of our education…”

I was rapidly convinced of the human dimension and the dynamism existing at L´Idem. The teachers were always taking care of our education, and they also provided us with an efficient training based on practical methods, which is very useful for a business environment. The teachers also shared their passion and their professional knowledge with us. Previously, I had never tried 3D animation and I was not good enough in drawing. But after a short while I was able to develop some high quality work, which allowed me to find two fulfilling internships. Furthermore, while I was doing my second internship, I was hired as a 3D artist at Wendigo Studios (Canada). I owe everything to L´Idem!

Etienne Badia

3D artist at Wendigo Studio (Canada)

Laurianne Penarubia - L´Idem Barcelona

“I was able to discover the different animation techniques…”

After the Baccalaureate in Applied Arts, I subscribed at l’Idem for the Animation Designer course for 2 years. During this study, I discovered the different animation techniques and acquired  good knowledge of 2D and 3D which I could further develop during the 2 internships at “Les Enfants de Timpelbach” and “Garfield & Cie”. Several months after the internships, I was hired by animation studio Ellipsanime (producers of the second season of “Garfield & Co”) in France. It was a first professional and very enriching experience with great motivation. All that has been made possible by an extensive education and continuous support from l’Idem, a school that wants to emphasize the warmth and trust as in a real family.

Lauriane Penarubia


Julien Travé - L´Idem Barcelona

“I am now Graphic Designer!”

L’Idem allowed me to make my dream come true and turn my passion into my profession. The atmosphere at l’Idem is really warm. During the 3 years’ education of Visual Communication Designer, I was brought into contact with friendly staff and attentive and caring teachers. At the end of the course, Pierre Roca put me through to Samuel Louart, Artistic Director of “Mon agence de com”. I am now working for that company as a Graphic Designer.

Julien Travé

Artistic Director «mon agence de com» (Perpignan)

Olivia Mailhes - L´Idem Barcelona

My professional career has now lasted over 20 years and I still wish I could have studied in one of these schools. As the president of the final examination jury, I keep an eye on the evolution of the students’ level each year. L´Idem is a marvellous  place where many styles, creations, colours and ideas converge.

Olivia Mailhes

Head of communication at Pôle de compétitivité Derbi

Benjamin Gil - L´Idem Barcelona

L´Idem is an education school that provides its students with an efficient and intensive training. Its teachers are experienced professionals. They demonstrate a real enthusiasm to transmit their passion for the digital image; and, moreover, they can count on excellent equipment and software.

Benjamin Gil

(EEUU) supabenja Digital

Josep Noguer - L´Idem Barcelona

The training at L´Idem matches our hiring criteria. For more than two years we have collaborated in organizing professional internships. The students profit from the best professional support and the best audio visual software.

Josep Noguer



Serge UMÉ - L´Idem Barcelona

“To sum up, they have perfectly acquired important knowledge…”

We have found a high standard of quality graphic design in the works we have seen. The students are excellent drawers, something that is not so common in these kind of schools. The technique is simple, but that doesn´t matter if there is no talent behind it. These young creatives have also learnt the rhythm of professional production. To sum up, I would say that they have perfectly acquired important knowledge. I am often disappointed with some prestigious colleges. However, at L´Idem I was surprised. The students are ready to join the business environment. I even offered to hire one student immediately, but unfortunately he had already accepted the offer of a Canadian company.

Serge UMÉ

Digital Graphics Studios (Liège, Belgium

Samuel Louart - L´Idem Barcelona

“Long life at l´Idem !

Just a few words to explain my personal history with l’Idem. I came across l’Idem at a moment when my professional career as a comic strip designer was as close to being dead. 10 days after having finished the course, I found work. I worked as Supervisor of drawings and projects at the Attrap Temps agency in Perpignan for 8 years!

In 2010, the idea to embark on new projects lead me to work with the Montserrat family to divert my function to Responsible of the new Mon Agence de Com. The truth is that during my professional life, l’Idem continued to be a platform for launching new talents. There are a lot of people who I respect and who I thank for all the opportunities they have given me.

Samuel Louart

Artistic Director «mon agence de com» (Perpignan)


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