Spring subscriptions

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The subscription and selection period to take part in the educational project of L’IDEM Barcelona is coming closer.

To be able to study at L’IDEM, in no matter which training course, we invite all candidates to spend half a day at school to evaluate your level and, above all, to talk to you. The purpose of that stage is to study the candidate’s future plans and to find out whether our school is the best way to realise your plans. The interview is carried out in front of the headmasters of the school, who guarantee individual attention throughout the complete period of education.


To fix a date for an interview, you should contact us and fill in the pre-subscription form. The selection is for free and it doesn’t implicate the students in anything. The school’s philosophy is to form groups of 15 motivated students with a similar level, for which the places are limited!

Contact : L’IDEM Barcelona, c/ dels Almogàvers 125 / 934 854 550 / info@lidem.eu/bcn3


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