Adam Sullastres

Study: Animation & Game Art
Subject: 3D Generalist

He holds a diploma in comic drawing and painting from Joso School and a diploma in 3D Animation from Cast-Info.

Since 2004 he has worked as 3D generalist artist in studios such as 23 Lunes Creative Animation Studio, Estudio Mariscal,, Fluzo Studios Ltd. or Boolab. In recent years he has specialized in Hi and Lowpoly modeling and texturing. He works mainly with Autodesk Maya, Softimage, MAX and Nuke.

Since 2012 he combines his professional activity with teaching.

Featured projects

  • 2016: Advertising campaign “El día después”. production directed by Hugo Basism, Javier Gutiérrez and David Fernández for La Liga TV. Modeling, animation, lighting and rendering.
  • 2010: Animated film “Chico&Rita”, directed by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal. Goya Award 2016 for Best Animated Film.
  • 2014: TV campaign for AXN Spain. production awarded with a Gold Medal for best animation in the category of Identity/Promo TV at the New York Festivals.
  • 2007: “Nocturna. A magical adventure” by Filmax . Goya Award 2008 for Best Animated Film.
  • 2014: Advertising campaign for the online game “Skara”. 8-Bit Studio production.

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