Digital Design Workshop with the University of Viña del Mar

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Our first year students of Digital Design International held a workshop last April with third-year students of Graphic Design from the Universidad de Viña del Mar (Chile).

Creative Digital Design Workshop

The students, who were doing a research project in Europe together with professor Xavier Adaros, held a workshop at the facilities of L’Idem Barcelona together with the students of the first year of International Digital Design. This activity consisted of carrying out a collaborative exercise between the two centers with the aim of exercising creativity and mental agility to develop eight different products.


In the first part, each student had a limited time to create each stage of the process: conception of the product, creation of the name, brand and label of the assigned product. In the second part of the workshop, the students had to pass the product to their partner next to them, who had to develop the next stage of the project. The products had to rotate among the students in order to complete the eight stages of development.









The professor of the courses, Guido de Solar, gave a conference to the students of the University of Chile explaining his professional experience as a Chilean in Barcelona. Special mention that Xavier Adaros was Guido’s teacher when he studied at the University of Viña del Mar twenty years ago. Now, they were able to share their knowledge in Digital Design with the current students of both centers.