L’Idem offers Animation Workshops for schools


With the aim of bringing the university closer to high school students at L’Idem we are launching new on-site Animation workshops for schools. Each activity will be focused on a specialization of the industry: Animation, Videogames and Storyboard.

How is an Animation film made?
In this workshop you will discover the process of creating an animation film: pre-production, production and post-production; as well as the different types of films according to the techniques applied: stop motion, traditional animation, cut-out animation, 3D animation, rotoscoping and motion capture.
Duration: 1 hour

taller animacion l'idem barcelona

Introduction to Storyboarding with Antonio Santamaría
The storyboard is a key piece for the success of an audiovisual production. In this workshop we will explain its role in a series, short or feature film. And you will learn how to approach its creation to ensure that the characters move in a coherent and meaningful way from the audience’s point of view.
Duration: 1 hour

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How a video game is made, with Edu Morales
Videogames are currently the most powerful industry in the entertainment sector. In this workshop you will learn how a video game is created, from the initial idea to the configuration of the graphic engine.
Duration: 1 hour

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If you are a school and you are interested in holding a workshop on Animation and Video Games for your students, please contact our Sales Department.