‘PINOCHO’ wins the award in the category of best animated film at The Golden Globes 2023


Pinocchio‘, the first animated film directed by director Guillermo del Toro, won the Best Animated Film category award at the 80th Golden Globes. In this category, the film by the Mexican director competed with the productions ‘Inu-Oh’, ‘Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’, ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish‘ or ‘Turning Red’.

Animated film created with the Stop Motion technique

This animated feature film is the first debut of the Mexican director within this film genre. Produced by The Jim Henson Company (The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance), ShadowMchine (Bojack Horseman,The Shivering Truth), in charge of production at Stop Motion, and co-production with Pathé, El Taller del Chucho and Necropia Entertainment.

Pinocchio’ is based on the classic and well-known tale ‘The Adventures of Pinochio’ by the Florentine writer Carlo Collodi. In this story he explains the story of an old carpenter who creates a wooden puppet and it comes to life. But what really elevates this production to a work of art is the Stop Motion technique used with a meticulous craftsmanship. As the Mexican director assured: “I wanted this film to impact with the expressiveness and nature of the material of a handmade animation”. Guillermo del Toro wanted the movement and carving of the figures to be as realistic as possible.

The film premiered on Netflix last December and was one of the most viewed productions on this platform. Recently, it has also been awarded in the category of Best Animated Film at the Critics Choice Awards 2023.