L’Idem organization of a specialized training in Motion Design


This March, the students of the Master of Languages and Societies of the Université de Reims Champagne -Ardenne has visited our school to carry out specialized training in Motion Design given by Enrique Hernandis, teacher of the upper course International Digital Design. As is customary every year, this intensive training has the purpose of updating students’ digital knowledge and skills in order to apply it in their professional development in the future.

To find out a little more about what this module consisted of, we wanted to talk to our teacher Enrique Hernandis so that he could tell us about the experience.

1. What has been the objective of this module?
The objective of this module has been to introduce students to the discipline of Motion Design, and to one of its main tools, Adobe After Effects.

2. What concepts have you learned in this specialized training?
Students have learned concepts such as uses and applications of motion design, basic narrative through design and basic animation techniques with After Effects, providing a foundation to create their first animations.


3. How important is the application of Motion Graphics in the professional field today?
Given the increasing demand for video products, both for their narrative and informational value and for their extensive use in all types of disciplines, Motion Graphics design has a large and growing presence throughout a large number of work camps. From advertising to architecture, UX/UI, product visualization or everyday applications, as well as complex narrative applications such as informative videos or sequences in feature films (including sequences of title credits).

4. How important is the exchange of students between two campuses?
The exchange of students enriches the learning experience, and in an environment such as L’Idem it is easy to adapt, given the multicultural nature of the students.

5. How do you rate this experience?
It has been a very positive experience, both for the students and for myself. Approaching the discipline from the perspective of students not specialized in design has been very enriching.

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