L’Idem France inaugurates two studios dedicated to the metaverse

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On 23 May, L’Idem France inaugurated two audiovisual studios on the new Le Soler campus with Jean-Michel Jarre, the pioneer of electronic music in France. A musician with more than 85 million records sold, Jarre has been continually reinventing the link between music and technology for decades. “L’Idem is a unifying example on the theme of metaverses or technology with a more cerebral approach to creation and a more intuitive one,” said the musician and composer, the godfather of the new studios.

Equipped with the latest technology, these spaces are conceived as a place of creation and collaboration around image, sound and immersion. With these new facilities at the Cité Digitale du Soler, L’Idem is committed to developing a sector entirely dedicated to the metaverse industry. In addition, and in partnership with the member companies of the Pôle Action Média de Perpignan, such as the VRrOOm virtual reality company, L’Idem has created the MétaLab. A laboratory oriented towards the media and the metaverse. With this project, L’Idem demonstrates its connection with technological advances and its attunement to new trends in the creative industries. In this way, the institution’s students and professionals will be prepared for the professions of tomorrow.

Students from all campuses of L’Idem Creative School of Arts can make use of these new facilities.