“Expand your Youniverse”, Edu Morales’ latest professional project


Expand your Youniverse” is the latest professional project of Edu Morales, Game Art teacher at L’Idem. During the first semester of 2022, he has combined his teaching activity with this Dell XPS advertising campaign aimed at young creators and agents of change of the Z generation. Our teacher has joined the team of 3D artists of Sauvage.tv to shape two ads for the campaign.

Edu Morales: “This project has allowed me to be more versatile”

We talked to our Game Art teacher about his participation in this advertising project, released in May 2022 and starring Yara Shahidi.

What has your work consisted of in this project?

In this advertising project I have been in charge of coordinating the team of 3d artists at Sauvage.tv with the aim of channelling the production into something viable for Real-Time visualisation. Through the Unreal Engine, we have created realistic 3D environments, from modelling and texturing to implementation, optimisation and lighting.

What challenges have you faced?

It has been a challenge to “transcribe” the processes of creating visual content for VFX/Film into a viable Real-Time production with optimal quality. This challenge has been great for me to be more versatile and to better understand productions outside of video games and real-time projects.

How do you value this experience? 

On the one hand, on a professional level, it has allowed me to expand my range of skills and, at the same time, to work on a large project, both in terms of size and prestige. On the other hand, and on a personal level, I feel that I have grown and moved up a small step in terms of my abilities, and that gives me a lot of personal satisfaction.

The teachers at L’Idem are 100% active professionals.

True. And in my case, as a Game Art teacher, I think it’s important to participate in virtual production projects in Unreal Engine. These are cutting-edge projects that are currently booming, as they are a new trend and technology. As a teacher, it’s great to be able to impart knowledge and training on the latest trends to my students.

Why did you specialize in video games?

They have been my passion since I can remember and they put a Game Boy (the one that was a grey brick) in my hands. I had always dreamed of “drawing video games” as my father and mother used to say. Throughout my life, video games have helped me through difficult times and have accompanied me in very happy moments. So it was natural for me to make them my way of life and to earn a living doing what I love.

Finally, how do you see the future of the industry?

Gaming and full immersive virtual reality experiences will be one of the strongest lines of activity in the field of Animation. I imagine proposals in which you will be the protagonist of the animation series in question.


Find more information about “Expand your Youniverse” in Dell’s website