The art of Banksy, the most popular urban artist of our times, arrives in Barcelona thanks to El Espacio Trafalgar which proposes an exhibition with more than 100 reproductions of the work that the artist has created from 200 to 2018.

A dozen authors who wish to remain anonymous have participated in this unauthorized exhibition, which goes against Banksy’s own principles. The World of Banksy’ contains more than a hundred works reproduced in real size: paintings, murals, works with spray paint and stencil. The exhibition even includes a replica of the entrance and one of the rooms of the Walled Off Hotel, described by Banksy as “the hotel with the worst view in the world”, since from its windows you can only see the 8-meter-high wall that separates Israel from the West Bank, and where the enigmatic British artist has used his art as a tool to denounce the Israeli occupation and show his solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The original proposal of the exhibition was born 18 months ago in Paris, at the Espace Lafayette Drouot, by the Belgian theatre director and producer of Albanian origin Hazis Vardar, who has, together with his brother Alil, theatres of great public in France. The adventure with the reproductions was criticized by many in France and above all by Banksy himself who says on his official website that this and 24 other “exhibitions” are false. However, due to the great success it has had with the public, the proposal remains open. And that has prompted Hazis to repeat the same operation in Barcelona, where The World of Banksy has opened from Tuesday 24 February for three months but hopes to remain a year.

Fans of the artist and urban art will be delighted to attend the exhibition and see high-quality reproductions of his most famous works in the world. The entrance to the exhibition costs 12 euros.

Visit the Espacio Trafalgar page for more information.