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The students from Perpignan and Barcelona have joined one year more to make a creative publicity spot for perfumes

Our third year students in Multimedia & Visual Communication from Perpignan and the first and second year students Audiovisual & Film Design from Barcelona worked together one more time to merge creativity and concepts in the Condal City. In this week of non-stop production, the students have shown their most “publicity like face”, uniting the ideas of our Visual Communication Designers and the realisation of the project by our Audiovisual Designers, which has led to masterpieces of great quality!

The purpose of this creative module is to offer the students an international work area, considering the difficulties which came from the linguistic barrier and cultural vision. This unique possibility makes it easier to understand the dazzling environment in an international job and the adaptation which is supposed to happen in many European coproductions.

The reviews of the obtained results by our Visual Communication teachers Guido del Solar and Roland Caussidery afterwards, and the feedback from the direction of the school at the viewing day, have been very positive!


Enjoy the results of the production week!!

[youtubegallery] DEFY|


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