An international Catalan school in Barcelona

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An international Catalan school in Barcelona

L´ Idem Barcelona, with international ambition – Our campus in Perpignan:

The campus in Perpignan offers three international programs:

  • International Bachelor in Audiovisual & Film Design: A levels + 3 years, specialization in English, Spanish, Catalan and French
  • Visual Communication Designer post-graduate degree (4 years)
  • 2D/3D Animation Designer post-graduate degree (4 years)

Amongst the many attractive aspects of doing a course in Perpignan are: The local culture and mastering the spoken language.

Our “embassies” in North America: New York, Raleigh and Montreal

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L´Idem’s  embassies are based in New York, Raleigh and Montreal . New York is “the world´s capital” of creativity in our sector. Raleigh is part of a centre of new technology, the “Research Triangle Park”, where companies such as IBM, and Google Earth Blog are located …

Montreal is the francophone capital in North America, where there are some of the world’s best Motion Graphics and video games teams. It is a point of reference. American recruiters, who are looking for talent and for the “French touch”, come here to hire our students.

Why have the embassies?

We have these embassies to receive the students of L´Idem who want to have an internship in North American companies.

The welcome, the settling in and the follow up to the students offered by our ambassadors, gives them the best conditions to profit  from their first experience abroad.

Furthermore, our teams organize meetings which allow our students to share their professional internship experiences and also to follow adaptation classes.

Almost a million graduated students are working all over the world

We have a professional network with more than 500 companies that hire our students to give them the opportunity of executing their apprenticeship or getting a job in the field of animated 2D/3D drawings, creation of 3D images, multimedia & audio visual products, graphic design and advertising.


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