An excursion to Rome!

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Six students and two teachers of our schools are this week in Rome to participate in a workshop by the University of Rome about how to “create a booktrailer”. This experience, organized by Cesfor, makes part of the Grundtvig programme from the European Union and assures collaboration between fifteen students from five European countries. Juan Carlos Concha, animation teacher at L’IDEM Barcelona, and Aldo Trousselle, 3D and special effects teacher at L’IDEM Perpignan, represent the staff taking part in the project. Juan Carlos will teach the storyboard design and Aldo will teach the software for creating such a Booktrailer in order to promote a book. Boris, Elisa and William have been chosen for L’IDEM Perpignan and Albert, Ana and Arturo for L’IDEM Barcelona.


This experience illustrates one of L’IDEM’s main objectives: the international dimension which is everywhere in our programmes. The languages, methodologies of implementation and the cultural exchanges are very important activities for our future professionals of audiovisual communication.


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