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“A real international school!”


After 15 years of experience in the educational sector L´Idem has opened a school in Barcelona. The goal is to encourage our students to have an international training, to learn multiple skills, to develop a professional European culture, to have an international education…

The added value of this concept is the possibility for our students to join the international work field while:


  • Studying in France, Spain and the rest of Europe
  • Working with renowned European and North American professionals
  • Taking advantage of our international network of professional partners
  • Receiving international recognition
  • Learning 4 languages: French, Spanish, English and Catalan


Multimedia, animation, graphic motion and TV/cinema broadcasting degrees exist worldwide: European co-productions, the globalization of the production chain…  Future professionals must understand this process and know that the best way to learn is to understand how the multimedia sector works. L´Idem, with almost a thousand former students now working worldwide, has an international network based around 500 professional partners ready to nurture our young creative students. These partners are all well known professionals who are actively involved in L’Idem’s internship programs.

Pierre Roca
Head of L´Idem Barcelona

“L´Idem, exposing talent…”


For the past 15 years we have trained professionals who enjoy extraordinary positions in today’s audio visual industry. The international experience of our students shows us that we are on the right path.

The education at L´Idem is based on:


  • Learning to communicate and work as a team
  • Working with renowned international professionals (Belgium, USA, Canada, France…)
  • International training


L´Idem offers its students the possibility to carry out internships abroad thanks to our “ambassadors” in New York, Paris, Raleigh, Montreal… Because working on 2D/3D animation, TV/cinema broadcast, and graphic design means opening yourself up to a world full of new possibilities

Christine Rey
Head of L´Idem (France)




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